Irish Artist Mark McFadden

“ Art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has ever known “

– Oscar Wilde

The desire to paint has been present for most of his life, an unrequited love, which spanned decades. Once he finally pursued what was true to his heart, his art developed quickly with a distinctive and unique style.

He has worked prolifically, producing many works, several of which have found their ways into prominent private collections. Most recently, his work has caught the attention of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco who purchased a portrait of James Joyce.

Mark has not been classically trained. As a result, his work has not been influenced by the various schools of modern art and therefore remains quite pure. There is an innocent quality, yet, with a most interesting depth and emotional mystery. There is great passion to be seen and felt in his work. His distinctive technique is oil on large canvas using only a palette knife, which provides a rich texture, adding to the intensity one feels when looking at his complex figurative paintings, revealing the human condition.

He tries to capture the essence of his chosen subject, to give them depth and a presence on the canvas that portrays the intricacy of our human existence. He often feel as if he is sculpting on the canvas.

Mark explores the duality within all humans, the balance and conflict of joy and sorrow, contentment and discontentment, love and hate, torture and peace, what often is the tragic genius of the tortured artist and the pain it sometimes is to be human.

Something that is personal to McFadden is the alchemy of the soul; to reach a higher and more enlightened state of consciousness, the allegory of taking base materials and transforming them to something of a higher incarnation, which is part of the reason why he is attracted to painting people of an artistic nature, in essence they used simple tools and basic elements and fashioned something of wonder from them, this is his tribute to their pursuit of expressing themselves in the attempt to enlighten us.

His latest body of work (View Mark’s latest Work) is an accolade to the learned and richly artistic heritage that is Ireland; an inheritance he is proud to have grown up with. He has only taken a cross section of this literary prowess to begin with; it’s a subject matter which he will continually revisit, as it will take a lifetime to truly honour this prolific legacy.